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  1. Allie Cameron SE – Stockholm: 11/8.2019.
    The South Iland – West´ – Hornstull/Högalid

    Thank you! For the nice break from my power-walk yesterday.
    It´s went to be a de-facto `roomy stay´ to a `little eternity´ among your pictures. I think your paintings deserve a generous environmnt, like the Modern Art Gallery for example as they have such a feeling of space. You are very good, you Art-Works excellent!

    Thank you Allie very much !! for the exibition you have fortaken!
    And if you can take this exibition towards a more `roomy´`spacey´ exhibition place, where also more people can be given the opportunity to see and feel via there own thoughts and so further feel`personally´ like I felt that will say “invited” to a private “understanding” and a´ very enjoyable´ stay´ ! , then I think You Allie will find yourself in a postion where you can get some really true appreciation !! and even sell more.


    If You coming back to our town, I hope You will send me a note so I can come for a visit!

    It was so nice´ to meet´ you Allie´! All´ good luck then. I hope will be coming your way soon!

    Yours Sincerely

    Charles Morisoner

    / Stockholm – Sweden – SE – /

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